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International Interdisciplinary Conference
8-9 December 2022

Gdańsk, Poland
in person/ online




In order to attend the 7th "Memory, Melancholy and Nostalgia" conference please submit abstracts (no longer than 300 words) of your proposed 20-minute presentations, together with a short biographical note: 

       All the speakers will be provided with a video projector, a laptop and a Hi-fi/Dolby sound   

         system for their  presentation.

  • ONLINE PRESENTERS (9 December 2022,  ) - by 30 September 2022 




    The conference will be held virtually via Zoom. This platform enables all to share individual      screens, so different forms of presentations are available. As our online conference will be international, we will consider the different time zones of our Participants. 


Proposals can also be sent  to: with a note: onsite presentation or online presentation.


Notification of acceptance will be sent:

  • onsite presentations - by 21 September 2022

  • online presentationsby 3 October 2022


The conference language is English.

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