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International Interdisciplinary Conference
 21-22 March 2024

Travelling, Transmission and Transgression   

International Interdisciplinary Conference, 21-22 March 2024



Organizer: InMind Support

Scientific Committee:
Professor Wojciech Owczarski – University of Gdańsk, Poland
Professor Polina Golovátina-Mora – NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


          Experiencing one’s life as a perpetual change rather than something constant has become more and more frequent in the contemporary world. Travelling has gained new dimensions – it is no longer associated merely with tourism, but it often turns out to be a way of life or even a figure of human condition. The homo viator of our times intentionally moves from country to country, rents apartments and does not posses one, changes his or her occupations and work places, meets still new people and is generally well trained in being flexible, mobile, and open to metamorphoses. Travelling, in its both literal and metaphorical meaning, has much to do with transmission and transgression as it enables crossing the geographical, physical, cultural, social, and psychological borders. During our conference, we would like to discuss all these – and many other – aspects of travelling and transgressive experiences.​

           We want to describe those phenomena in their multifarious aspects: psychological, social, historical, cultural, philosophical, religious, political, and many others. We also want to devote considerable attention to how they appear in artistic practices: literature, film, theatre, or visual arts. That is why we invite researchers representing various academic disciplines, such as anthropology, history, psychology, psychoanalysis, sociology, politics, philosophy, literary studies, theatre studies, film studies, memory studies, gender studies, and postcolonial studies.​

           Different forms of presentations are encouraged, including case studies, theoretical investigations, problem-oriented arguments, and comparative analyses.​

            We will be happy to hear from both experienced scholars and young academics at the beginning of their careers as well as doctoral and graduate students. We also invite all persons interested in participating in the conference as listeners, without giving a presentation.

            We hope that due to its interdisciplinary nature, the conference will bring many interesting observations on and discussions about the role of travelling, transmission, and transgression in the past and in the present-day world.


            Our repertoire of suggested topics includes but is not restricted to:


I. Individual experiences


  • Travelling as a distraction

  • Travelling and tourism

  • Travelling as a way of life

  • Living in between

  • Liminal spaces

  • Limit situations

  • Transgressive experiences

  • Borderline personality

  • Travelling and cognition

  • Travelling and education

  • Travelling and spiritual growth

  • Solo travelling

  • Travelling and family life


II. Collective experiences


  • Travelling and multiculturalism

  • Transmission of cultural values

  • Travelling and tolerance

  • Travelling and xenophobia

  • Transgressive identity of societies

  • Travelling and migration

  • Forced travelling

  • Travelling and economy

  • Travelling and job market


III. Pandemic experiences


  • Travelling in the time of COVID-19

  • Isolation

  • Social distance

  • Motionlessness

  • Transmission of the virus


IV. Past experiences


  • History of travelling and tourism

  • Known travellers

  • Travelling and geographical discoveries

  • Travelling and colonialism

  • Travelling and time


V. Artistic experiences


  • Travel diaries

  • Travel as a literary motif

  • Travelling in Bildungsroman

  • Road movies

  • Travelling in the media

  • Travelling artists

  • Touring theatres

  • Touring exhibitions

  • Travel guidebooks


Please submit abstracts (no longer than 300 words) of your proposed 20-minute presentations, together with a short biographical note, by 25 February 2024 to: or by REGISTRATION FORM 

Notification of acceptance will be sent by 28 February 2024.

As our online conference will be international, we will consider the different time zones of our Participants.
The conference will be held virtually via Zoom. Different forms of presentations (also posters) are available

In order to participate in the conference (as a speaker or an audience member) you need to pay a REGISTRATION FEE via bank transfer or PayPal:

PRESENTERS: EUR 35 or USD 40 or GBP 35 or PLN 120 - by 10 March 2024
AUDIENCE MEMBERS: EUR 20 or USD 25 or GBP 20 or PLN 70 - by 19 March 2024

NOTE: We offer a discount for our returning Participants.

- LIVE access via individual link to all conference sessions (without installing any additional applications)
- the conference programme in PDF
- certificate of attendance  for Presenters and Audience Members (sent by email or/and by post)
- online community gathering
- easy access on any device (phone, tablet and computer) with the possibility to join or leave the conference at any time

Banking details:
Beneficiary name: InMind Support

Beneficiary Address: Jelitkowski Dwor 4
Beneficiary Bank name: SANTANDER   
The SANTANDER Swift code is:  WBKPPLPP
Beneficiary Bank account numbers (IBAN):
Payment in PLN:           
95 1090 2590 0000 0001 4259 8763   
Payment in EUR:           
PL58 1090 2590 0000 0001 4259 8847     
Payment in USD: via PayPal - please ask for a special link     

In the description field, please quote your first and last name and a note " travelling conference".
All banking charges are to be covered by the Sender.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
NOTE: PAYPAL PAYMENTS (USD, GBP or EUR) ARE ALSO ACCEPTED (on request) - Please ask for a  link.
3 months before the conference and more - 50%
from 3 months to 1 month - 75%             
1 month before the conference and less - 100%                 
Our email:


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